As an intending enthusiast, I always wonder and conclude that whatever we observe in our surroundings including materialistic stuff, emotions, appreciations, apparels, real estate and infinite other things that we are influenced by can be summarized into three major categories which are Needs, Dreams and Desires. All the three terms are quite similar and hence have the crux of what actually the whole worldly competition is about. Let’s analyze the subject in detail and make our stressful lives easier.

Identifying the factor: In the Modern era, most of us are draining ourselves mentally as well as physically. The root cause of this issue is a clear misconception of our Needs, Dreams and Desires. We often tend to confuse all the three phenomenons and thereby force ourselves to lead a life which has everything but lacks that feeling of real satisfaction and pleasure.Lets take an example for an instance. When I was very young, I woke up one day in the morning and saw a blue colored old Maruti 800 car parked inside our house. My eyes glittered with happiness and I instantly rushed to my father who was shaving his beard. I asked him about the car and he revealed that it was one of his friends to whom he offered the parking spot at our house for a day due to reasons best known to him. I felt sad for a moment but that is when I started to expect that my father could also buy it because he is now in the company of friends who have their own cars lol….And to all of our surprises we had our own car within a year of this episode. And ofcourse my father did not win the lottery that year….lol….The whole point is that there is always that social push that we await to broaden our desires and eventually make them our needs.

Thin Line between Needs and Desires: It is very important to differentiate between your Needs and Desires. For example: In today’s world where people like to have their personal cars is an outcome of their work schedules and unwillingness of using public transports and the major factor is the Status Issue. Now let’s face it, if you own a car, you will be considered financially well to do, no matter which financial sector sponsored the same for you.

Now, the point is yes due to the requirement and comfortability aspect, people own cars which can be considered as Need. For today’s middle class family owning a Car is surely a Need but owning a car built by Audi or Mercedes is still a desire or dream. To understand this concept we need to understand the class hierarchy and analyse why the things are, the way they are?

What did you Inherit: Ever noticed your colleagues,friends, parents with common or similar professional careers to those of your parents in a better financial state. Be Honest, yes you have. Ever asked yourself analytically despite always complaining and cringing for the things you don’t have and your friends do. Ask yourself these following things and you will get the answers.

  • Did your parents get anything inherited from their ancestors?
  • Did they have a pretty large family to take care of?-
  • Were they also in conflict with their own Needs, dreams or desires such as building their own house, owning vehicles, wearing socially acceptable apparels as per the standards, good schooling of their children and what not. It’s a large list..

Anyone here complaining now of the things you didn’t have as a Child?? I guess not.

On the other hand, your friends or people known to you might have had an additional advantage of already built house, nuclear families, already owned cars and well defined money. So whatever they might earn in their future years is a plus and saving. Whereas, for people who didn’t have these kinds of privileges worked throughout their lives to make ends meet and most of their financial assets were in deficit. This contributes to the major difference of social structure on the basis of incomes and saving and thereby, the so called distinguished classes.

Saving for the future? : Another most important aspect and major reason for our never ending desires and stressful life is the need to preserve and save at extreme. Yes, it’s extremely important to save for the adverse conditions when every penny can matter and for future generations but the enthusiasm of such desires should not exceed and become greed.

Lets analyze and take an example: How many of you have heard the name of Alexander?…Hurrah we all have because he almost won over the world at the mere age of 36 before he died. There is a fun fact that Alexander wanted his lineage to rule through ages over the world but eventually this could not happen as he died untimely when his son Alexander 4 was not young enough to handle the empire and later who was dethroned by his uncle Cassander and killed. Any Lessons learnt? Yes don’t stress your selves and plan out for adversities as a Need but not as a Greed.

Happiness in Mastering the Art: Once everyone of us understands the concept of needs, dreams and desires, It will be easier for us and future generations to avoid inflicting any sort of social pressure as well as burden upon themselves and thereby eventually prospering both mentally and financially. Let’s take this financial prosperity step by step along with enjoying the charm of the process which is in fact the whole point of having our Needs, Dreams and Desires.



I love sharing ideas and thoughts on Social structures and values of assets, relationships in our lives. I believe in love and it's most important to survive.

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Saket joshi

I love sharing ideas and thoughts on Social structures and values of assets, relationships in our lives. I believe in love and it's most important to survive.